pH Miracle Alkaline Water Kiosk

pH Miracle Bottled Water pH Chart DESCRIPTION:

Increase store foot traffic with our pH Miracle self-service water dispensing kiosk. Out kiosk is the world's only commercial drinking water system that can produce high quality, fresh tasting purified drinking water and stable 9-10 pH natural ionic mineral alkaline drinking water. The kiosk consists of a simple push-button operation used to fill containers of any size, and is a great way to generate additional income for your store.

  • pH Miracle Alkaline Water helps reduce and reverse the acidity in our body's pH.
  • pH Miracle Alkaline Water is effectively absorbed on the cellular level.
  • pH Miracle Alkaline Water is super hydrating.

Call 760-751-8321 to order or for more info.

Order by the case.

pH Miracle Alkaline Water Kiosk

Call 760-751-8321 to Order and For More Info

Disclaimer: pH Miracle is not a medical devise nor should it be construed as such. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and may or may not be supported by conventional medicine, physicians of health care professionals. Always work with a qualified professional before making changes to your diet, prescription drug use, lifestyle or exercise activities.


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