Are Parasites Making You Sick, Tired and Fat?

by Dr. Robert O. Young / OCTOBER 28, 2006

DrYoung In this month's National Magazine, First for Women, the cover story features Dr. Robert O. Young who suggests that the natural by-products of parasites are acids that make 32% of women in the US sick, tired and fat. That's 1 and 3 Americans who are affected!

Dr. Young also suggest that the acidic waste products from parasites can damage organs, break down muscle tissue and cause the central nervous system to become sluggish. Ironically, the body's self-preservation system can make the problem worse by shuttling acid waste from parasites into the fat cells and slowing metabolic rate so more portective fat must be stored. This is the body's way of getting acids out of circulation, but it makes losing weight virtually impossible.

To learn more about how acidic wastes are making you sick, tired and fat may I suggest reading our book, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss or you can pick up a copy of First for Women at your local grocery or magazine store. Ask for the October 30th issue with Georgia on the front cover who lost over 65 pounds in six weeks. Average weight loss is twenty-two pounds in two weeks on the pH Miracle living program.