Flesh Eating Bacteria

by Dr. Robert O. Young / NOVEMBER 10, 2006

DrYoung Flesh eating bacteria or a strain of Group A streptococcus is a biological transformation of the skin or tissue cells. Since the skin is the largest elimination organ for metabolic waste products when the acidity of the skin builds up the cells begin to transform into streptococcus bacteria. This phenomenon is called pleomorphism. The streptococcus is not what eats the skin but the metabolic acids in combination with exotoxin B, a waste product or acid from the streptococcus or cysteine protease which destroys flesh faster than it can be replaced.

To treat streptococcus with antibiotics is like putting kerosene on an already burning fire. Acid on top of acid accelerates the transformation of the skin or tissue cells which gives birth to more and more bacteria and in turn more and more exotoxins. In theory, the streptococcus is not the cause of the tissue breakdown but the symptom or the result of the tissue breakdown.

The cause of this condition is the over-acidification of the tissue due to latent tissue acidosis or the built up of acids in the tissue that are not being properly eliminated through urination. Check the morning pH of the urine and you will find that the pH is below 6 when it should be at least 6.8 and ideally 7.2.

The only solution to the problem I perceive topically is to alkalize the skin with high pH compounds, (10.5 to 12.5) i.e., sodium bicarbonate, potassium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate and/or sodium chlorite. These compounds can be applied to the skin by spraying the area of outfection every hour to raise the pH of the skin and thus reversing or stopping the cellular transformation of tissue cells to bacteria. This compound will neutralize the toxic and degenerative effects of exotoxin B without breaking or destroying the healthy tissue.

Finally, to deal with problems of the skin properly you must start from the inside out rather than from the outside in. I would suggest a high alkaline diet and supplement program as outlined in our book, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, Chapter 11. Please disregard the fact that I am addressing weight loss here instead of skin problems but the solution is the same.

In order to have healthy skin you must maintain the alkaline design of the human organism and the acidic functions of the body and their associated acidic waste products are better eliminated through urination instead of through the tissues or pores of the skin. Bottom line if you clean up the internal environment with an alkaline lifestyle and diet you will clear up the skin. The skin is only an expression of what is happening from within. The good news here is at least the metabolic acids and the exotoxins are not breaking down a major organ that sustains life - - at least for now.