High Blood Pressure Readings Not What They Seem

by Dr. Robert O. Young / NOVEMBER 27, 2006

DrYoung Systolic blood pressure, the maximum arterial pressure during contraction of the left ventricle of the heart, is the most important factor in predicting mortality risk for heart failure patients. Systolic blood pressure is typically the first number in a blood pressure reading; for example, 120 when the blood pressure is reported as 120/80.

Heart failure patients with high systolic blood pressures had lower death rates; those with low systolic pressures may have a more advanced disease and a poorer prognosis. Mortality rates were more than four times higher for those with systolic pressures of less than 120, in comparison to those who had pressure over 161.When the heart is healthy it will work harder to push the same volumn of blood through the 66,000 miles of blood vessels when the blood is over-acidic and sticky - this causes the systolic rate to go up. To lower the blood pressure with acidic drugs can lead to the very thing you are trying to prevent - a heart attack.

Blood pressure naturally lowers when you alkalize the blood with diet and especially exercise. This will break up the blood from hypercoagualtion. Exercise and diet are the two and only drugs one should be taking.

If your blood pressure is normal (120/80) or low and you are not eating an alkaline diet nor excercising your risk factor for heart failure significantly increases.

The misconception that low blood pressure is healthy is a medical illusion and is now explained in this recent study published by JAMA.These conclusions were gleaned from research on more than 48,000 heart failure patients seen at 259 U.S. hospitals between March 2003 and December 2004.

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