How To Exercise to Lose Weight

by Dr. Robert O. Young / NOVEMBER 4, 2006

DrYoung In chapter 10 of 'The pH Miracle for Weight Loss,' - 'Let's get Physical,' you learned:

  • How to exercise in a way that's going to really help you lose weight.
  • How exercising the wrong way could be making you fatter.
  • That when you 'sweat more' you 'weigh less.'
  • The best exercise to lose weight, remove acids and tone your body is... the Rebounder.

  • So What Is A Rebounder?

    "Imagine one piece of exercise equipment that could strengthen all parts of your body in just 10 minutes each day!"


    "In December I gave myself a rebounder for Christmas and I was off and jumping. Now for the results so far. As I was hitting midlife I felt like everything was drooping, heading south so to speak instead of north. When I started jumping my muscles started firming and now everything is once again heading north. The exercise is gentle and does not fatigue me. In fact, it seems to really aid in circulation, giving me more energy. I was bothered with what felt like congestion in my liver area and now I can jump a short, gentle period and this congestion even clears. ...My entire family, husband, 13 year old son, and my mother have now started jumping too. My mother, at over 80, liked mine so well that she purchased one for herself."


    Imagine, a piece of exercise equipment that can strengthen the entire body from the inside out; increase circulation, improve digestion and elimination, melt away fat, strengthen the heart, improve cell efficiency. Stimulate body functions; thyroid, endocrine system, adrenals, strengthen muscles and bones, release stress and help you live a longer more productive life. One piece of equipment for all age groups to improve the immune system, fight diseases and reverse the symptoms of aging.

    Whereas most exercise works by applying weight to specific muscles or groups of muscles, rebounding increases weight on every cell. A 10 minute a day program applies an increase of weight on everycell of your body nearly 100 times each minute. Every muscle, bone, connective tissue, ligament, tendon, even the collagen and the skin. As a result the entire body starts to tone and firm up.

    Dr. Morton Walker, author of Jumping for Health, lists over 30 health benefits to Rebounding:
    • Increases your balance and coordination.
    • Lessens your chances of cardiovascular disease.
    • Increases your production of red blood cells.
    • Aids in lymphatic circulation.
    • Strengthens your heart and other body muscles.
    • Lowers your resting heart rate.
    • Lowers your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
    • Stimulates your metabolism.
    • Improves your vision.
    • Promotes your body's growth and repair.
    • Increases your breathing capacity.
    • Circulates more oxygen to your tissues.
    • Tones your glandular system, especially the output of your thyroid.
    • Expands your body's capacity for fuel storage and endurance.
    • Increases your muscular vigor and the tone of your muscle fiber.
    • Reduces your headaches, back pains, and other aches caused by lack of exercise.
    • Improves your digestion and elimination.
    • Allows for deeper and easier sleep and relaxation.
    • Stimulates better mental performance, with keener learning processes.
    • Lessens fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women.
    • Improves your immune system.
    • Tends to slow down your aging process by stimulating each cell
    • Reduces your chances of obesity.


    "For several years, I had been exercising with a Lifecycle Stationary Bicycle but I could never get rid of the horrible CELLULITE on the back of my legs. Three weeks on the rebounder and my legs were so smooth and toned that it was amazing. Within the first six months, my stomach muscles were tight and defined as were my arms and shoulders. My sense of balance has greatly improved and so has my flexibility. All of these results without even feeling as if I was exercising."

    Carolyn - California.


    Dear Dr Young,

    "I'm writing to tell you how much I love my Miraclebounder®! I've had it for a month and I can't imagine living without it! I do two ten minute sessions a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. I had a right knee problem from an old gym injury for 4 years. It's gone! My body has firmed, toned and gone down a size. It has improved my mental attitude at work dealing with stress issues. It definitely helps reduce stress. I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally! My mother has decided to buy one! This is truly amazing!"
    Sincerely, Shirley D.


    "I currently do not do any abdominal exercises at my gym. However, since I have been using my Rebounder, my abdominal muscles are stronger than any time in my life. What is really amazing is that I have not targeted my abdominals with the Rebounder. Since rebounding works EVERY cell in the body, I am automatically working the abdominal muscles every time I perform an 'advanced bounce'."
    Phil...New York


    Perhaps the greatest Rebounder success story comes from 94 year old Ruthmary McDowell of Seattle, WA. She was featured in the Seattle Times, March 9, 2001 as a testament to the life altering effects of Rebounding. Her story is one of triumph over the effects of aging. She now enjoys the health she once had decades ago.Suffering from an inability to maintain weight, she constantly struggled to stay above 80 pounds, a problem that robbed her body of valuable, life giving nutrients and minerals. Now, after Rebounding, she holds steady at 90 pounds.

    "You know how you can feel kind of old in the morning...After being very ill, I could not seem to get better. It was most discouraging. I express how I feel about what it has done for me. I really have the power to live or die. I really think it has saved my life. I really think it has saved my life."
    Ruthmary McDowell