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  • Questions on The Science of Alkaline Water

    Question: Are all bottled waters the same diameter and healthful?

    Dr. Young: All waters are not created equally, in fact--there are over 700 bottled waters on the market and only three are fit to drink. The three bottle waters are, Essentia, Evermore and my pH Miracle Water. That's it! Out of all the waters coming from municipalities there are No waters fit to drink. New York City talks about their municipal water and how great it is--I've tested it. The water is acidic and is not fit to drink. In fact, you would be better off drinking the water from the Thames River in London than drinking the water out of a New York City water tap. There is a lot that has to be done to create the water that is healthy. Very few water's in the world are healthy. In fact, the majority of them are unhealthy or acidic.

    Question: What it the mechanical correlation between large water diameters,high-positive milli-volt, and ORP readings?

    Dr. Young: Large-diameter water is the high-clustered water. Have you heard the word "cluster"? H2O molecules cluster together when they lose their electrical charge or the charge is compromised by acid. Generally, tap water can be anywhere from 10 to 40 molecule clusters. The averaged bottle or municipal water is 20 molecule clusters. The reason the water clusters is because dietary and/or metabolic acids act as a molecular glue that causes the water molecules to stick together. All acidic water has a larger-diameter. When you drink it, it feels heavy. It might even bloat you because it is not permeable. Conversely, the lowest diameter water would be in a mono-molecular state where you just have one molecule of H2O. That would be ideal. Water ionization will break the acid bonds creating a water diameter that is smaller. You would then have the smaller diameter water ranging from four to six molecules. This water would be more permeable or what I refer to as, the wetter water. A smaller diameter or low clustered water is lighter. When you can drink it, you feel it going into the tissues. The body absorbs this low clustered water to hydrate the cells of the body. I see this under the microscope at the cellular level. I know what a hydrated cell looks like and what a dehydrated cell looks like. A dehydrated blood cell is concave in the center. A hydrated cell is plump and round. It's even in size and even in color. It doesn't have what is referred to in hematology as a target or a bulls-eye in the center of the cell. So, I can tell very simply whether someone is hydrated or not hydrated regardless of whether you're drinking a lot of water or not. If you're drinking a lot of water and drinking the wrong kind of water, there's no way for that water to get into the cell to hydrate the cell. Molecularly the water is too large.

    It's very, very important to break those molecular clusters down. Now, when break apart the water molecules you create greater surface area. And when you create a greater surface area you create a greater surface charge. When you ionize the water you not only increase the pH, but you also increase the electrical potential of the water. When you drink ionized water you are drinking water that has more surface area that can carry more electrical energy to the body. Ionized, smaller diameter water can hydrate, alkalize and energize every cell in the human body. And when your cells are hydrated, alkalized and energized you feel stronger, healthier and more vibrant.

    Question: Is there a positive milli-volt, or ping reading, that water becomes electron-hungry, taking electrons from our body, causing oxidation. In other words, is there a plus 100 milli-volt, plus 200, plus 300, plus 500, where water becomes harmful to the cells of the body?

    Dr. Young: Any water that carries a positive milli-volt or ping reading is enervating to the body. The energy of the water, or the "oxidative reduction potential" or "ORP" water is a very important measurement. Oxidation refers to the acidic effect of the liquid being tested and reduction refers to its alkaline effect. When I measure the energy or "ORP" of a liquid, it is measured in milli-volts. Those milli-volts can be positive or negatively charged. The protons or electrons or the positive or negatively charged elements of the liquid or water being measured will make either energy withdrawals if positively charged or energy contributions if negatively charged. When I break down the molecular clustering, I can increase the electrical potential or negative charge of the liquid or water. The charge of the liquid or water is measured in milli-volts. If you have a positive charge milli-volt, that liquid or water will act as a stimulant to the body and will use up the electrons in your body and pull energy from your body. When your body is reacting to increased levels of positive charges you wrongly interrupt this as energy. But, it you have not gained energy, you have been robbed of energy. This is how a stimulate works. It steals energy from your energy reserves. That is why you are tired after the surge of energy is used up. If you are drinking coffee or tea or eating chocolate, which have a high "ORP", or positive milli-volt, or saturation of protons or positive ions, the coffee or tea or chocolate will steal energy from your body. At first you will feel "energized." But then what happens after you feel energized? You feel tired. You then have another cup of coffee, tea or eat another piece of chocolate and feel the elusion of energy again. The energy from coffee, tea and chocolate is an illusion because they have no energy to give. They have only energy to steal. All you've done when you drink coffee or tea or eat a piece of chocolate is rob energy from your energy reserves and deplete your energy bank account. Your energy goes up and down, up and down throughout the day, which does not happen when we're eating or drinking electron-rich, alkaline, low diameter, low ORP, negatively charged fluids or foods.

    Question: Is there a milli-volt reading of water which would be bad for us?

    Dr. Young: Yes. The ideal food or liquid to ingest for providing energy for the body should be a milli-volt or ORP reading of negative 150 to 350 milli-volts. Anytime you are drinking a liquid or water that carries a negative milli-volt, whether it's negative one, two or three, it will make an energy contribution to the body. As long as the food or drink carries a negative charge you will increase your energy bank account. Negatively charged food or water does not pull energy from the body. Any food or drink that is positively charged, positive one, two, three and up, such as coffee, tea, soda pops, chocolate, animal protein, cheese, milk, sugar, just to name a few, you will decrease your energy bank account. All the so-called energy drinks have positive charged milli-volt readings that range from positive 250 to 1200. All energy drinks are stimulates and pull energy from your energy bank account leaving you wanting more. The negative charge or "ORP" of all raw foods are generally going to run, negative 150 to 250, and will contribute energy to your energy bank account. All processed foods are positively charge and will run, positive 250 to 450, and will withdraw energy from your energy bank account. The food you eat and the liquids you drink are critical. To keep your body alkalized and energized you will have to eat and drink electron-rich, alkaline, negatively charged food and liquids. Beginning with the most important - the water you drink!

    Question: What I'm doing is buzzing around the country, testing well-calibrated or the pH of municipal systems. I've tested water in Arizona at positive 100 milli-volts. And up to a positive 630 in my hometown, Colorado Springs. Is there one of those plus readings on the "ORP" scale that becomes good for the body?

    Dr. Young: Any plus reading on any water will pull energy from the body. So that's why it's critical to reverse the polarity of the water from positive to negative. You can do this by breaking the clustering with ionizing. If you're drinking liquids or water that has a positive charge this will cause a huge drain on your energy system. It cannot be healthful to the body and eventually the positively charge liquid or water is going to end up causing a pH imbalance that will lead to enervation, irritation, inflammation and then ulceration and degeneration. This is why it is so important to drink negatively charge liquids and water. These kinds of liquids or water are full of electrons that will buffer dietary and/or metabolic acids and contribute electrons to your energy bank account. That is why it's important to realize that all water has to be filtered, all water has to be purified, all water has to be structured, meaning water has to be broken down into its smallest molecular state, all water has to be alkalized, and finally all water has to be electrically charged through the process of ionization to be healthful to the body - whether animal or human.

    Question: Does the diameter of water effect our bodies' hydration?

    Dr. Young: Most definitely. The diameter of the liquid or water must be no greater than 6 molecules and preferably 1 molecule in order to hydrate the cells of your body.

    Question: Is chlorine something we should have in our drinking water?

    Dr. Young: Chlorine should not be in our water. It is not an energizing agent because it does not break down water clustering. All of the chlorine water tested shows a positive charge and would therefore pull energy from your body.

    Question: For optimal health, what percentage of water should an adult's body be?

    Dr. Young: When we were born, we were 90% water. When we're dead, we're approximately 50% water. And somewhere between birth and death, we become dehydrated- we've accepted as normal somewhere around 70%. So anything above 70% would be ideal, moving more towards 90%. I think that's what makes babies to supple. You know, you touch their skin and it's soft, it's pliable, it's supple. This is because the skin is hydrated. And we lose that over time from dehydration.

    Question: Back on the water--with an adult, such as a person in their 40's and 50's, when their water percentage drops below that 70% content to 60% or even 50% content, what are some of the negative things that could occur to the body?

    Dr. Young: When someone becomes dehydrated, besides the feeling that they're constantly thirsty, the skin becomes dry and the bowels become constipated. The skin is not supple--it becomes dry. And a lot of the skin challenges that we see is because of that. The dryness and the coarseness of the skin, is affected. Not only is the outside of the body affected but the inside is also affected from the lack of alkaline water. This is what can happen within the body. All of the cells of the body that make all tissues and organs need water for staying healthy. Water, next to salt is one of the most important buffers of dietary and metabolic acid. When you do not have sufficient water, you cannot buffer the acids from diet and/or metabolism. Also, you cannot remove the dietary and/or metabolic acids through the four channels of elimination. Realizing that all metabolism or the production of energy or the utilization of energy or the consumption of energy produces acids that need to be buffered with electron-rich alkaline water. And, without electron-rich alkaline water, you cannot eliminate the biological waste products that are being created on a moment-by-moment basis. So, it is very important that exchange of electron-rich alkaline water takes place, and if it does not, this is when you will see internal pollution buildup and the beginning of latent tissue acidosis that leads to ALL sickness and dis-ease.

    Question: Tell us about the advantages of an in-home alkalizer, like a Jupiter Orion machine. How can this machine change the structure of water for us?

    Dr. Young: Ionization of water was invented by the Russians many years ago where they discovered how to separate positive and negative ions through magnetism. Passing water over several titanium/platinum plates they were able to pull acid elements to one side that were positively charged and to the other side alkaline elements that were negatively charged, creating two streams of water. The first water was electron-rich and alkaline with a small diameter and the second water was proton-rich and acidic with a large diameter. Over the years, we have become more sophisticated in the design of our ionization plates--using titanium/platinum beveled plates in order to create more surface area, to attract more electrons on one side, and more protons to the other side. By in doing this, I was able to create two functionally very good types of water. One, which was proton-rich and acidic, and could be used for disinfecting purposes, and one that was electron-rich and alkaline, that could be used for ingestion with a smaller molecular structure or diameter, that was wetter, that could contribute greater electrical energy to the body, and could actually energize and alkalize the body at the same time.

    Question: So, would be fair to say that your countertop ionization machines change the water, by creating the smaller diameter water that is electron-rich and alkaline water?

    Dr. Young: Absolutely! My ionization machines are fourth generation and the best machines on the market for filtering the water, reducing the diameter of water, alkalizing the water and decreasing the oxidative reduction potential (ORP) of the water, creating the best water for human and animal consumption. The Ionizers produced pure ionized water through multiple filtrations and electrical ionization. The micromesh filters range from .01 to .001 microns to take chemicals, drugs and heavy metals out of the water. After the water goes through the micromesh pre-filter the water travels through several carbon filters, then through a tourmaline filter, and finally a coral calcium mineral filter to help with the re-ionization process. The water then travels to the ionization chamber, where the water runs across seven titanium/platinum ionization plates. This is where the water is divided into two types of water creating the proton-rich acid water and the electron-rich alkaline water. The Ionizer can take acidic municipal water and clear if from chemicals like chlorine and pollutants like bacteria, yeast, mold, parasites, and mercury, just to name a few and create a water that's actually going to be good for the body--that's going to be alkalizing and energizing for the body. A water that can hydrate the cells and buffer dietary and metabolic acids.

    Question: Of the public waters that you've tested is there any that you've tested that is not electron-hungry and is good for the public to drink?

    Dr. Young: I have tested several hundred municipal waters and I have yet to test one that is good or healthful to drink. They are all electron-hungry and will acidify the blood and tissues. I do not recommend drinking municipal water or bottled water, except for those bottled waters that are ionized and bottled in glass. That would leave only three bottled waters fit to drink - Essentia, Evermore, and our pH Miracle Water.

    Question: Will electron-rich alkaline water disrupt digestion by diluting the hydrochloric stomach acid.

    Dr. Young: The stomach is not an organ of digestion but an organ of contribution. The main contribution from the stomach is the secretion of sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the food and liquids ingested. The hydrochloric acid in the stomach is a waste product of sodium bicarbonate production and falls into the gastric pits of the stomach away from the food and drink ingested. Hydrochloric acid destroys the energy potential of the food or drink making it unfit for transformation into stem cells. When you drink electron-rich alkaline water you help alkalize the food and drink ingested and you buffer the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This then aids the stomach in alkalizing the food and drink and preparing it for biological transformation into stems cells. This transformation into stem cells can only take place in an electron-rich alkaline environment. Therefore, drinking electron-rich alkaline water aids in the reduction of acid, including hydrochloric acid, and aids in the preparation of the food in the stomach and then in the small intestine for transformation into stem cells and then red blood cells.


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