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Vera's Weight Loss Story:

On my sixty-fourth birthday, things didn't look good for my health. I was suffering from several symptoms, including arthritis, low thyroid, acid reflux, and high blood pressure, and between taking all the medication the doctor had prescribed and feeling so lethargic, I had put on 21 pounds. The doctor had told me that, basically, I would have to live with these things, so I had a terrible outlook on life at the time. I hand no energy to do normal chores, or even what I love doing, upholstering furniture.

Finally, I decided that I did not want to live this way and that there had to be something better. The day I started on this program, I put aside all medications and used only green powder and some other supplements—and a whole lot of faith! Within in a month, I had lost all the excess weight, all 21 pounds, and all of my symptoms had vanished. I was a bundle of energy once again. Today I am celebrating a wonderful sixty-fifth birthday—feeling better than I did at thirty-five.

For more details and recipes check out The pH Miracle For Weight Loss

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I Lost Over 180 Pounds on The pH Miracle Diet!

True change comes when you have a choice, a choice of walking through two doors. Which door is less painful to walk through...the first door of continuing those familiar current habits and suffering the painful health consequences alongside. The second door has you changing to healthy habits, and going through the pain of change. But the pain of change is just psychological, changing of habits, we're creatures of habits, this is just a mental challenge not a physical one. I was moving a box I brought from the east, it had some family paperwork on the top. The first document in the pile was my brother's death certificate. He was dead at 52.....I was 52..... I didn't want to join him, I really didn't.

I sat down for a long time just asking what was I doing with my life, why was I eating an unending stream of junk food, quick emotional food, what was my life like. I use to run up Pikes doing a set of stairs in my home put pain in my knees...a little set of stairs...oh brother. A buddy accompanied me on a hike...a mile took almost 90 minutes for a mile. Every 100 yards I'd have to sit...there was no choice. No more hiking with friends (they got tired of waiting), relationships a distant memory. I couldn't fit into a restaurant booth, I'd have to wait for a table with a large chair. My face would flush tomato red when time after time I would stand up after a meal...with the restaurants chair stuck to my ass. No more cross country skiing, no more camping, do I really have to describe what a bicycle seat looks like wedged up a 370lb backside. Well can't see the seat...its are the bike tires. I was 60 pounds heavier than Shaquille O'Neal and 14 inches shorter. The ball wasn't in my court...I was the ball, the big ball. My life was a fraction of what it was a few years prior, these revelations came all echoing together. I had to change, change in a big way..or die...die at an early age like my brother...simple as that.

"Screw the genetics curse, I want to Live" my soul roared, I had to change. What made my behemoth state all the more embarrassing, all the more flaw revealing was that I was a student of holistic health. A great student of holistic health methods for over 30 years, that awakening day I could barely fit my entire silhouette in a hallway mirror. My t-shirt size blimped out to 5X....(with stretch marks)you gotta buy them off the net. I knew what it took to get healthy, I'm even a member of Mensa, I realized what had happened and couldn't stop it. "I can save the world of many problems but I can't save myself from myself", was the revelation of the day...I needed a coach. My holistic education started in 1970, alongside my first season of weightlifting at school. An Austrian Oak had recently landed in the US to shake the bodybuilding world. All weightlifters listened to the champ. One day in horrible broken English (....still today....) Arnold preaches out " Half of your athletic gains are from your workout...half from your diet!" . Hmmmmmmmmmmm ...revelation 1970 smarter....workout less....still be a stud muffin! That comment was like showing an autistic child a pathway, a pathway of knowledge that had only one goal....what did it take to be the best possible athlete...what did it take to be super healthy. I studied nutrition from every angle...yet here I was...twice (yes twice) my optimal size, with all the behavior of a nutritional neophyte. Kitchen skills never existed on my resume, just had no interest (still don't) in preparing food, love to eat it, guide how it's made, what's used. Do not...I REPEAT do not put a knife in my hands....many band aids will follow! (And the vegetables will look mutilated).

"I Ate my way into this problem....I gotta eat my out!" , the latest of Ricky's Revelations to decibel it's way into my memory bank, the first track to change this train-wreck from happening. Another "lesson from the ancients" was pointing to the best path. The first page of the Bible, (Genesis 1:29) guides us, to better health, the value of plants seeds and nuts are strongly the Bible! In the 1970's I was introduced to Ann Wigemore's work, a cancer survivor, a raw foodist, she started the Hippocrates Institute. I knew the value of going raw, I had a water alkalizer, even a case of pH paper to check myself. I'd check myself a lot, try to do a lot of things but could never get myself alkaline. That was the day I got a copy of "The pH Miracle and The pH Miracle for Weight Loss" by Dr. Robert O Young and Shelley Redford Young (I highly recommend you keep a copy in your library) modern day coaches had arrived. I learned where my weaknesses are that stopped me from alkalizing (one acidic muffin a day is a no-no), what huge gaps I had. For 53 years I prided myself for never using salt, for being a long-term athlete and no salt. My coach showed how wrong I was and why. I added alkaline sea salts, salt to my program, upped my oils to a quart a week. I read and re-read each chapter till I really understood what to do.

I made the commitment to the most alkalizing energizing food source, the healthiest food possible for my body, I wanted to be a "pH Miracle Man!". The Young's books put together my metabolic "missing link", and was simply the best...most complete book I had read on how to put my health back together one meal at a time. Problem wasthere was no commercial food source in town that had prepared meal foods like this. Not Whole Foods, Safeway, Wild Oats, even the local health food stores miss the boat. I'm talking about alkaline, electron rich, low glycemic (low sugar) food, delicious food, satisfying food, not just chomping on the bush. This food had to be made not bought. My search for a raw food chef was the next mini-hurdle to overcome, to provide a pure source of the Rocket Fuel my body so healingly desired. Every Spring we get visitors in Colorado, hummingbirds that flicker in, arriving with mesmerizing colors and sounds They reflect an elegant bright promise of the summer to come, another elegant bright promise arrived....Martine...Chef Martine. With the Young's book used as a Rosetta Stone, Martine's creativity and talent showered my with a waterfall of alkaline meals. Meals with energy, with tons of electrons, fun meals, truck driver hearty, fill my tummy meals, blood building meals, it worked on my insatiable hunger. I was eating my way out of this problem!

Meal by meal Martine treated me to an alkaline cuisine that I cherished...drooled for....couldn't believe the flavors...just so satisfying. I never counted calories and never felt hungry. I was alkalizing and feeding my blood. The best part, the very best part is if you eat 100% alkaline foods for a day you can eat 2500....3000....3500.. calories of alkaline food and still lose acid bound fat! You can over-eat your daily caloric requirement in alkaline foods and melt acidic fat...fact not fiction....I lived it. Every week I'd lose 1-2 pounds, pounds that were glued on for the last 5 years, pounds that wouldn't budge before. I started melting in place, as serious exercise was not part of the plan, at least not yet. I mean I walked...(Ha Ha) oh yeah I walked, in the first 3 months I walked 3 miles. Yes one mile per month(and lost 25 pounds). I saw a "The Biggest Loser" episode. I thought if 1000 morbidly obese people (like me), average citizens exercised like the Biggest Losers did there would be problems, lots of problems. Knee problems, back problems, cardio problems, I ate alkaline and sat problemo! Ok, Ok, the next three months I hiked 15 miles....5 miles per month, and lost another 25 pounds. For five years I had tried to lose weight, with only dropping 1-5 pounds then watch it rebound right back time and time again. For five years I had no sign I would ever recover...yet here, the pH Miracle way I was shedding the weight effortlessly.

The most impressive thing that astonished me was how easy it was to make the transition from 14 junk food meals a week, to a living alkaline diet. There was no adjustment period, the food tastes great, its filling, your energy levels are so even, your memory will astonish everyone, your mind quick . The change was so impressive I started taking pictures to document the progress. Soon it was 60, 80, 100 pounds, every ten pounds I melted was like a spiritual awakening, more emotional and sensitive than I ever felt before. I was finally on the highway to my goal, I was moving in the right direction, and most importantly I was making sustainable healthy progress. This wasn't a fad program like Atkins, Nutri System or South Beach Diets, this was super nutrition for humans. I fed my blood the foods the blood wanted, and the blood fed the rest of my body. By getting healthier I was losing weight, this wasn't just a weight loss motivated change it was a health motivated change.

The pH Miracle and Dr. Robert and Shelley Young were the perfect coaching team, sharing a timeless message that your body wants lots of alkaline water, alkaline sea salts, chlorophyll from green plants, and oils...lots of oils (I do a quart a week!). I e-mailed Dr. Young with a question (he answered), then I called him and set up a visit. I was lucky, very lucky to be able to drive across the country and have my blood checked by the world's best microscopist, Dr. Robert O Young. Even after dropping 150 pounds (with virtually no exercise) my blood was still dirty...with too much protein from eating pounds of seeds and nuts per week, even with my total commitment I still had work to do. While I was at the pH Miracle center I had pages of questions to ask Dr. Young...he patiently answered them. Shelley Young was kind enough to make me a green drink and a man-wich wrap.

Back to Colorado for another year I refined my diet, I wanted to be better I wanted the best health. Tweaking lots of little things added no cashews (too much bacteria), less stevia (too acidic), no soy sauce (helps candida yeast grow), use green drinks more (higher absorption of nutrients). Let me repeat, I had lost 150 pounds with virtually no exercise. Ninety percent of the public never has a regular exercise program, alkalizing consistently with every meal. With every drink you take, you can melt off acidic fat and not exercise ....I did can you. You can lose weight day after day eating lots, never counting calories, never feeling hungry, when you have a 100% alkaline day! I lived that fact for oooonnnne hhhhhhhuuuuuunnnnddddreeeedddd aaaaannnndddd fffffiiiiiffffffttttttyyy POUNDS. Thats a lot.

Ok, Ok after melting the first 150 pounds, that's right one hundred and fifty....thats five zero....pounds. After that first buck and a half I started to exercise, slowly then gaining steam, not to lose weight, no but to get even healthier. Why? I learned you can get to a good level of health, a very good level of health eating and drinking the best possible alkaline foods and liquids. To achieve the very best health...optimal settling for less, you have to move the lymph fluids, to flush out all of those stationary acids. To sweat, to release the acids that might settle in your skin...the third kidney.

Now I was down 180 pounds...I had lost 180 pounds...180 pounds......YOWZA! I was getting my life so back together, not an obese statistic anymore. Well I did what any sane person would do....I called Dr. Young, and bugged him for another visit...westward I was. This time my question list was sorter and we could both see a real improvement over the shape and health of the red blood cells from a year prior. The microscopy pictures side by side showed, no proved the difference in health of the blood, the difference in my overall health. My goal is to lose another 20 pounds this coming summer so I can achieve the 200 pound weight loss mark.

Dr. Robert and Shelley Young ...Thank You for being my timeless coaches, for helping me improve myself, and for showing millions of people the only route to optimal health and the alkaline path.

- Rick Laurenzi


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